Looking Long Term – Thinking Like a Farmer

Marc Accetta shares with you some of the key factors that he uses in order to not only achieve success in business but also personal life as well. By thinking like a Farmer and looking long term and not getting discouraged with overnight results, it sets anyone up to be able to achieve success.

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King Richard III – Marc Accetta – Edutainment Weekly

While in Singapore we came across a small Elephant exhibit which featured several elephants with various quotes from Shakespeare! “Conscience is but a word that cowards use, devised at first to keep the strong in awe”. – (Act V, Scene III). King Richard III


Marc Meets Mister Moyo…

In our recent trip to Zimbabwe we came across a great guy named Mister Moyo, well we took a short video of Mister Moyo…if you haven’t seen that yet check it out.

Now after we’ve heard back from everyone to follow up and see if Marc ended up getting the bag or not here’s the follow up video to Mister Moyo…


Exploring the Unknown – Marc Accetta


In our most recent Edutainment Weekly, Marc Accetta explores events that have contributed to our lives and have allowed us to continue to grow.  Many of these events were unknown and unexplored but individuals that thought outside the box questioned, “What If”?  Individuals like Henry Ford asking his group of engineers to make him a V8 engine and them telling him it’s not possible and through his persistence we now have V8 engines. We hope you enjoy this video!

Changing the Game You Are In!

My dad grew up a die hard New York yankee fan.  He grew up on the lower east side of Manhattan, so it was a natural thing since he was there for the Yankees glory days spanning the era’s of Babe Ruth and Joe Dimaggio. When I was about 8 years old, he brought me to Yankee Stadium for the first time to make sure I saw the immortal Mickey Mantle play one time in person before he retired at the end of that season.
It was beautiful summer day and the Yanks were playing a double header against the Kansas City Athletics.  They A’s were featuring some young superstars named Reggie Jackson and Catfish Hunter.  The most amazing thing about the visiting team was their uniforms….bright green and Gold……with ‘White” shoes!  That was unheard of in that day and age.  No one wore white spikes.  I was hooked on the A’s!
My dad was not happy!  What the hell was wrong with his son……How could he bring me to the hallowed Yankee stadium to watch the Mick…and have me betray him like that?  But that’s what happened.  The A’s moved to Oakland a couple of years later and won the World Series form 1972-1974.  I have been a die hard A’s fan since that fateful day in 1968.
The ironic thing is that the two players I fell in love with ended up playing for the Yankees years later through Free Agency.  That was definitely karmic payback for my dad!
I have struggled through many lean seasons with the A’s.  The last time we were formidable was about 7-8 years ago when we brought up some young superstars through our organization….Jason Giambi, Miguel Tejada, Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson, Barry Zito and Eric Chavez…just to name a few.
The team almost won it all, but was shortly thereafter decimated due to our pitifully low payroll limitations and the allure of free agency to all those star players.
Thanks God for our GM Billy Bean.  He developed a totally new system of rating players that allowed us to pick up players as great bargins and somehow keep a competitive team on the field.  Now everyone in baseball is following his system.  He truly changed the game.  The new movie MoneyBall staring Brad Pitt tell the amazing story in great detail.
Click this link below and I will explain how Billy Bean’s actions can inspire you to change the game that you are in!

Broke is NOT a financial state, it’s a State of Mind!

I have had the amazing pleasure to travel throughout much of Europe over the last two years and I have to tell you that if you are not traveling to Europe, and other great parts of the world, you are REALLY missing out! I am doing as many training videos from my travels here so you can see just how amazing this part of the world is.

This weeks video is in good fun, but it makes a good point too. That’s the whole idea of Edutainment Weekly. I hope you enjoy this clip from my trip to Amsterdam.

Marc Accetta