Abundance Thinking and Living

Most of us have a survival mindset. That is why most people are not thriving! Most of us have not amassed enough wealth, or recognition , or accolades, so we live in a place where we are screaming for more all the time. After all, we all know it’s a dog eat dog world. (who thought that one up?). (I know I could Google it, but I’m busy typing this).

Anyway, we really do feel as if there is a scarcity of good jobs, potential soul mates, perfect dream homes, etc. Most of us believe that there is not enough to go around. So we “fight” for what is ours. We always feel as if it’s us against the world. Does that sound like a healthy mindset to you?

Try believing that there is plenty of everything to go around for everyone who is willing to go after it! What a concept! So you don’t have to “beat” people to the pot of gold, because there is a ton of gold in the stinking pot and you don’t have to be the first one there to get a chunk of it?

Its OK to be civil to your competitors. It’s OK to be friends with them. Have you noticed how good of friends the top 3 mens tennis players in the world are? Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Jokavich. They are all very good friends, on and off the court. Why shouldn’t they be? They are all playing the game they love for a living….traveling all over the world in style, they are famous and they are very rich. Why not be happy and like each other?

Many people think you can’t like your competitor if you are going to win at the highest level. Hmmmmm, that means Federer must somehow bought all those trophies that say he is the best tennis player ever!

The point is, it is not healthy to want to get it all for yourself and it’s even less healthy to want others to fail. It creates bad energy for your life, as well as a bad attitude. It certainly won’t make you popular.

Do the very best you can. Know there is plenty to go around for everyone and be happy for your success and the success of others. Heck, the Old Testament of the Bible says we shouldn’t covet other’s  things or their success.

Learn to believe there is a lot of wealth available and that you are more than qualified to get your share, and that it will definitely come to you at some point! Believe that money is constantly flowing to you. Sure you should save some, but don’t hoard it!

Most importantly, be a giver! I strongly recommend giving the first 10% of what you earn to your church…..or if that’s not your deal, then at least give it to someone less fortunate than you. When you do, you are telling yourself that there is plenty to go around and more importantly, lots more coming back to you!

I know it’s not what you are used to doing, but it is definitely the right thing to do. Give generously….believe that there is plenty for everyone….be friends with teammates and competitors alike….

I know it sounds crazy, but I assure you that it works and you will be much happier and wealthier if you adopt this mindset!


Who’s Crazy

I recently completed a wonderful week in Athens. I was doing a live seminar for WorldVentures, which went remarkably well. I took my customary to days following the event to relax and enjoy the city I was training in. (I spent about a decade visiting all the bet cities in the US and never saw more than the inside of the hotel I was training at…..big mistake…..ALWAYS take an extra day or two. You never know when you will be back here and it’s OK to have fun while you are conquering the world)

Anyway, on Wednesday, one of the new WV reps from Athens volunteered to take me to the airport. I had no idea what a memorable trip that would turn out to be.

This young man had just gotten started with us. He spoke very good English for a Greek citizen. It was broken with a thick accent, but it was a lot better than my Greek. He explained to me that he would tell people he was going to be rich from the time that he was in kindergarten. His friends made fun of him there and as he grew older, his family let him know how “crazy” he was,and how “unrealistic” he was being. WOW. Talk about the ideal prospect. He was just like me. I had delusions of grandeur growing up too, and my family too tried to “protect” me from making a fool of myself by trying to get rich!

We had an amazing conversation and I assured him that HE was not the one who was crazy at all. As a matter of fact, I let him know that if NORMAL people ever stopped calling him crazy, he would know that he had given up and decided to return to the flock just like them.

When I was in my late 20’s my main mentor had a bunch of us watch the movie Jonathon Livingston Seagull. While half the people fell asleep or thought the movie was stupid…..i got it! The movie is based on the book by Richard Bach and describes a “crazy”seagull who wants to fly like regular birds. He is told it is impossible, and even when he attempts it and succeeds, the elders of the flock call him terrible things and say he is a terrible example and should be ostracized from the flock. Sound familiar?

Average people are average for a reason. One of the definitions you will find for average is; He highest degree of Poor. Think about that! Do you want to be fantastic at being pathetic? Do you want to be the best at being the worst? Then why would people be OK with being average? Because average is a synonym for NORMAL…..and God knows we all want to be normal and fit in.

Well, let me tell you definitely does not fit in! Good for him! He is so crazy (I use that word dripping with sarcasm) that he thinks he can be a billionaire. All I know is that Henry Ford said, “the man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t, are both right.” Why not him? Why shouldn’t he give it everything he’s got trying to make it happen?

Maybe it’s time for you to be crazy! I am definitely crazy by normal standards. Heck, I am blogging and training people for a living, having an absolute blast,and making a fortune! That sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Listen to the Seal song Crazy. That sums it up best. “In a world filled with people, only some want to fly….Isn’t THAT crazy?”. Take a lesson from Jonathon, Seal, me and my new Athenian friend………Be as crazy as you need to be to achieve everything you have ever dreamed of. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Marc Accetta