Looking Long Term – Thinking Like a Farmer

Marc Accetta shares with you some of the key factors that he uses in order to not only achieve success in business but also personal life as well. By thinking like a Farmer and looking long term and not getting discouraged with overnight results, it sets anyone up to be able to achieve success.

For more of Marc Accetta videos visit: http://www.youtube.com/marcaccettaseminars






Marc Meets Mister Moyo…

In our recent trip to Zimbabwe we came across a great guy named Mister Moyo, well we took a short video of Mister Moyo…if you haven’t seen that yet check it out.

Now after we’ve heard back from everyone to follow up and see if Marc ended up getting the bag or not here’s the follow up video to Mister Moyo…


The Power of One…

Well 2012 is up and running, hopefully you’ve been able to keep up with your resolutions that you have made.  In 2012 we are wanting to be able to streamline more of the videos, blogs and posts that we create so that you don’t have to be receiving various methods emails or checking various accounts.  We want to create an easier way for you to get MORE information to create change in your life.  So we are not sure if you have seen one of our other video blogs called The Power of One Show

The Power of One Show is a show that I came up with the concept for the show last year when I heard a song of the same name, by Israel Houghton, at Covenant Church. I have studied human nature and the science of success for over twenty years and realize that most of the greatest innovations we have ever enjoyed came from the imagination of one person. While it ultimately takes teamwork to make the dream truly work, most great teams are lead by a dynamic individual who has a vision.

Our show will highlight amazing leaders from virtually every walk of life that have changed the world in which they lived by their contributions. While the people featured will all have in common the fact that they are ultra high achievers, they will also amaze you with the fact that they have come from such diverse backgrounds. Then again, while their differences will be vast, the similarities that created their successes and greatness will be nearly identical. Years ago I needed to be inspired. I still need it. Much of my inspiration, then and now, comes from true stories of average people who had a dream, and who had the guts to make those dreams come true. I will share the stories that have inspired me. I think it will surprise you that many of histories greatest heroes were at one time broke and unsure of themselves. Some of them were depressed and considered themselves failures. The point is that there are thousands of more stories out there and I would love to help inspire one or two of them.  To see some of this past years Power of One Shows Click Here.

Make 2012 A Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays,

I’m sure that you, like many others, are about to make your new year’s resolutions.  I have just finished doing my own!  I love the feeling of winding one year down and preparing for an improved new year.

There is an unparalleled feeling of optimism in most people.  The key is MAINTAINING that optimism beyond the end of January.  Setting the goals is not the key…..The key is following through and ATTAINING those objectives.

Here is a video that will give you MY KEY to consistently reaching the goals I set in my New Years Resolutions.

Enjoy and have a blessed 2012