Good Guys finish First!

Recently one of baseball’s top players achieved a milestone that to this day very few people have achieved! Here’s a video message from Marc on this weeks Edutainment Weekly!

Abundance Thinking and Living

Most of us have a survival mindset. That is why most people are not thriving! Most of us have not amassed enough wealth, or recognition , or accolades, so we live in a place where we are screaming for more all the time. After all, we all know it’s a dog eat dog world. (who thought that one up?). (I know I could Google it, but I’m busy typing this).

Anyway, we really do feel as if there is a scarcity of good jobs, potential soul mates, perfect dream homes, etc. Most of us believe that there is not enough to go around. So we “fight” for what is ours. We always feel as if it’s us against the world. Does that sound like a healthy mindset to you?

Try believing that there is plenty of everything to go around for everyone who is willing to go after it! What a concept! So you don’t have to “beat” people to the pot of gold, because there is a ton of gold in the stinking pot and you don’t have to be the first one there to get a chunk of it?

Its OK to be civil to your competitors. It’s OK to be friends with them. Have you noticed how good of friends the top 3 mens tennis players in the world are? Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Jokavich. They are all very good friends, on and off the court. Why shouldn’t they be? They are all playing the game they love for a living….traveling all over the world in style, they are famous and they are very rich. Why not be happy and like each other?

Many people think you can’t like your competitor if you are going to win at the highest level. Hmmmmm, that means Federer must somehow bought all those trophies that say he is the best tennis player ever!

The point is, it is not healthy to want to get it all for yourself and it’s even less healthy to want others to fail. It creates bad energy for your life, as well as a bad attitude. It certainly won’t make you popular.

Do the very best you can. Know there is plenty to go around for everyone and be happy for your success and the success of others. Heck, the Old Testament of the Bible says we shouldn’t covet other’s  things or their success.

Learn to believe there is a lot of wealth available and that you are more than qualified to get your share, and that it will definitely come to you at some point! Believe that money is constantly flowing to you. Sure you should save some, but don’t hoard it!

Most importantly, be a giver! I strongly recommend giving the first 10% of what you earn to your church…..or if that’s not your deal, then at least give it to someone less fortunate than you. When you do, you are telling yourself that there is plenty to go around and more importantly, lots more coming back to you!

I know it’s not what you are used to doing, but it is definitely the right thing to do. Give generously….believe that there is plenty for everyone….be friends with teammates and competitors alike….

I know it sounds crazy, but I assure you that it works and you will be much happier and wealthier if you adopt this mindset!